How to Prevent Identity Theft

how to prevent identity theft

With the everyday use of online digital stores, credit card scanners, and debit card ATM machines, it’s easy to see why identity theft is running rampant. Anyone’s identity can be stolen. And the consequences of a stolen identity are far greater than they used to be. First, what is Identity Theft? Identity theft can range…

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Top Financial Advice for your 20s

financial advice for your 20s

Your twenties are a very exciting and exhilarating time. You’re fresh out of college, and you’re ready to conquer the world independently. By this time, you’re probably looking for or settling in a real career, exploring the world and living life on your own. Indeed, the twenty-somethings have a lot on their plate, that sometimes,…

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Best Personal Loan Providers Online

best personal loan providers

The cost of living is forever going up and that means our expenses and emergencies are following suit. If you’re like 78% of Americans that live paycheck to paycheck, you might have to get some help in the financial department to float you along for a while. Whether it’s to consolidate debts, cover a medical…

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Weighing in the Benefits and Drawbacks of a Title Loan

When you first bought your sweet ride, you didn’t imagine you’d come to the point that you’d make it collateral to a loan. But life happens, and sometimes, you encounter problems that demand an immediate solution. Financial issues can put you under a lot of stress, whether it’s an emergency repair at home or you’re…

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How to Use Credit Cards Responsibly

Most people get their very first credit card when they’re in their twenties. But very few people actually learn how to use credit cards responsibly when they first sign up. In fact, most people don’t even understand the basic purpose of a credit card. Too many see it as “free money.” Of course, anyone who…

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Cash Advances: Are they right for you?

what are cash advances

Although a lot of people are using credit cards as their primary form of currency nowadays, it can’t be denied that cash is still the king. And when you have a credit card, it can be easy, even tempting, to take out cash from your available limit. This is what we call credit cash advance…

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What to Consider When Getting a 401k Plan

shopping for a 401k plan

Retirement is an incredibly important part of your financial planning. You absolutely cannot start early enough, but with that being said, it’s never too late! Whether you’ve already begun a savings account or not, you can absolutely begin setting money aside now and reap the benefits later. If you’re employed and your employer offers a…

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What type of bank accounts do you need?

types of bank accounts

Do you still save money under your mattress or bury it underground? If you say yes, you’ve just made it to 6.5% of the Americans who do not have bank accounts. According to Federal Deposit Insurance Corp, 6.5% Americans or 14.1 million American adults do not have a bank account in 2017. But why is…

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2019 Tax Brackets: What You Need to Know to Do Your Taxes

2019 TAX BRACKETS: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TO DO YOUR TAXES For the uninitiated, filing taxes can get complicated and overwhelming. And one of the most important concepts a law-abiding citizen must understand is tax bracket. The tax bracket is the segmentation of tax rates that you need to pay for in your taxable…

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How Long Do Things Stay On Your Credit Report?

how long do things stay on your credit report

It can be frustrating to have your credit report marred with negative information. But sometimes, it can’t be helped. Even the most conscious of borrowers do make mistakes, whether it’s late or forgotten payment, or running into a financial problem that spiraled into collections, foreclosure, and bankruptcy. It’s worth remembering that whatever you do with…

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