5 Best Online Brokers for Buying Stocks

best online brokers

We make money in two ways: one is by working as an employee or for yourself as an entrepreneur. The other is making money work for you, by way of investing. Investing is an essential aspect of growing wealth. If you’re keeping all your assets in the bank or store your cash under the bed,…

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7 Ways to Finance a Small Business

how to fund a small business

Any new business requires financing for it to launch, prosper and move forward. Without money, your company will never get off the ground, more so grow and expand over time. It’s a fact that both new and seasoned entrepreneurs have to deal with. As daunting as it may sound to come up with financing for…

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Getting Debt Help from the Right Resources

What can you do when you’re deep in debt? Debt has become a normal part of modern life. From using the credit card for everyday expenses, studying college to getting your first home, it can be said that debt has become quite a staple. It is not surprising to meet another American with some sort…

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5 Ways to Use Credit Cards Responsibly

Use a Credit Card Responsibly to Build Your Credit The credit card is one of today’s most essential financial innovations. Imagine being able to shop with just a piece of card and not have give cash at the checkout counter. The credit card is so incredible for its convenience. But what some people don’t realize…

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3 Reasons Why Payday Loans Are So Expensive

Fast cash or payday loans are some of the most accessible financial instruments in the market today. It allows customers to borrow a couple of hundred dollars which are made payable on the next paycheck. Unlike other types of loans, payday loans are the easiest ones to qualify for, making them a seemingly good solution…

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Top 5 Debt Assistance Programs & How They Work

top debt assistance programs

Debt is like the elephant in the room in most American households. It’s so rampant that in 2017, the Federal Reserve says that Americans have an accumulated amount of $905 billion in credit card debt. Meanwhile, the rate of inflation has outpaced the rise in income. Year after year, the price of basic commodities like…

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How to Use Personal Loans to Pay for College

personal loans for college

If you are a college student or a parent of one, you probably know how much college education costs nowadays. According to the data from the College Board in its Trends in College Pricing Report, the average tuition for public college for the school year 2017-2018 is approximately $9,970. Three decades ago, that was just…

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Should You File for Bankruptcy?

Excessive debts cause more than emotional stress. If the debts come to the point that they become too much to handle, you have the option to file for bankruptcy. While this proceeding may absolve you from the repayment obligations to your creditors, it also has grave consequences to your finances and your life. What is…

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Types of Student Loans: Ways to Borrow Money for College

types of student loans

In between tuition fees, room and boarding, books and personal expenses, going to college costs much more today than it did decades ago. According to the report of “Trends in College Pricing 2017,” a four-year course in public college is now 213 per cent more expensive than thirty years ago. Today, you need to shell…

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