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Should You File for Bankruptcy?

Excessive debts cause more than emotional stress. If the debts come to the point that they become too much to handle, you have the option to file for bankruptcy. While...
types of student loans

Types of Student Loans: Ways to Borrow Money for College

In between tuition fees, room and boarding, books and personal expenses, going to college costs much more today than it did decades ago. According to the report of “Trends in...

Tips on Dealing with Debt Collectors (and how to make them work for you!)

The average American currently holds over $6,000 of credit card debt. Considering the other common debts most Americans also hold (mortgage, car note, student loans, etc.), it’s incredible that any...

Why You Should Avoid Payday & Title Loans Like The Plague

Payday and title loans are some of the most convenient and accessible financing instruments out there. Marketed as fast, easy with no credit check requirements, it’s no wonder why many...

How Do Short Term Lenders Make Money?

A cash-strapped borrower approaches a short term lender to borrow money and get out of their financial bind. With a few documents in hand, the borrower can get a loan...

How to Create a Personal Budget

Creating a Budget Has the end of the month ever rolled around and you’re scraping pennies out of the couch cushions to pay for a cheap meal?! Do you sometimes...
free debt elimination plan

Free Debt Elimination Plan if You Owe Less than $50,000

Nearly the entire population of the United State of America has some form of debt. Some have what’s called “good debt”, which are things that will eventually grow in value....

How to Build Credit

Tips for Building Credit for the First Time So you’re excited about making a splurge on a new car or a vacation, but you don’t have the credit card to...

5 Ways to Build Credit Fast

Credit is an essential part of the modern life. Whether you’re buying a new house or car, seeking employment or looking to upgrade your utility services, companies and organization are...
legal rights against debt collectors

What Legal Rights do I Have Against Debt Collectors?

More than half of all Americans currently hold less than $1,000 in their savings accounts. One third of all Americans have nothing at all. Without a proper savings account, one...

In a world of financial uncertainty...

It is important for you to both understand your current financial situation, and know that, no matter who you are, you can improve it.

If you are in debt, you can get out of it. If you are a low income earner, there are things you can do to improve your financial well being. If you are fighting debt colectors, there are ways to fight them.

Our goal here on the Loan Review HQ Financial Advice Blog is to help you take control of your finances through knowledge, guides, tutorials, and planning.

Please take a look around, find an article that may help your finances, read through it, and put just one suggestion or recommendation into action. You will be surprised how much it will help your bank account and family!

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